Flor Cáceres

  • How long have you been working at Baxter RCS? How did you join Baxter RCS?

I have been working for the company for 23 years. My entry was quite curious, I worked for what was then called Social Security in Colombia, in one of the largest clinics in the country, and I always saw the people of Baxter arrive very elegantly, always offering proposals, always smiling and that made me fall in love , I always told the nurse who was going to visit me: “I want to work at Baxter”. I think that finally, with my desire I called the possibility of working here.


  • Did you know Baxter RCS before coming to work directly with us?

Yes, as I mentioned, I was a customer of Baxter products, equipment and technology because I managed the intensive care service in the renal unit at the San Pedro Clavel Clinic, which was the largest Social Security clinic in Colombia, so I knew the products very well, I knew about their quality, their reputation and also because the Baxter people always treated me very well.


  • What is your role within Baxter RCS? And how is your day to day in the area?

My position today is Operations Manager, but my role is to be a facilitator between the work teams in our renal units, the company's support areas, and our internal and external clients.

My day to day is very challenging because it has everything, it has emotions, tactics, strategy, contact with clients and patients. So they are robust work days, but full of many positive things because our mission of Saving and Sustaining Lives is perfectly translated through contact with patients.


  • What positions/positions have you held throughout your career at RCS?

I started as an administrative assistant in a renal unit and during that time I was finishing my academic preparation in business administration, then they called me to offer me the administration of a clinic in Bogotá that had no patients and that we led to success with Dr. Mauricio Sanabria who He accompanied me in this very interesting professional challenge. Later I was as regional operational director for the Central Zone in Bogotá, leading three of the Bogotá network clinics at that time, I had the opportunity to support the centralized portfolio process for RCS at the time and then I was appointed as national director of billing managing the billing for the 45 dialysis centers that Colombia had at the time, together with a wonderful team of people with whom I feel very proud, since I have seen them grow and we lead very interesting change processes with the company that they brought him quite positive results and indicators. The foregoing was one of the pillars that helped catapult me ​​to the next phase in my career, which is to manage the business of Baxter RCS in Ecuador, which is my current position.

A wonderful and ascending career, accompanied by sensational Baxter professionals through those years.


  • What do you think is our differential value in RCS for its collaborators?

The care. I believe that Baxter and RCS really translate caring for people into their daily practice, that is, being the Best Place to Work does not remain in theory, it is something that really translates into practice, they think a lot about us as collaborators and we want that to connect with our patients feeling that this is the best place to be treated.


  • How has your relationship been with the different RCS areas at the local level and with the other countries in the cluster?

My relationship with the other areas is wonderful. This company has an advantage and that is that we all have a clear north and all areas work towards the strategic objectives of the company. So, despite the fact that each area has an end and a reason for being, all the areas agree that our reason for being is patient, that our clients are well attended, that they have the best solutions, both in supplies and in service, then that is the development of our relationship with the other areas.

It is essential that we are all connected in what the mission is, understanding the role of each one and joining in the achievement of that objective.


  • What does working at RCS mean to you?

For me it has meant growth, training, achieving my dreams and professional/personal aspirations and the consolidation of a career in the company. I started very young as an administrative assistant and had some other positions, but that means fulfilling dreams, accompanied by wonderful people, I have had the opportunity to have spectacular leaders who have taken from me the best expectations of development and skills.

Wonderful people have accompanied my training process, so for me working at RCS means passion, hard work, effort and enormous satisfaction. For me, working here means translating our mission into daily practice.


  • In the performance of your work, how do you feel that you fulfill our mission of Saving and Sustaining Lives?

Doing our job well in each of the roles we are in charge of, regardless of the place or position we hold in the company, we must always be clear that if we do our job well, no matter how small, everything we do behind it contributes to making an impact in a positive way to the patient and their family, through all the things we do administratively, purchasing processes, acquisitions, process management, quality assurance and all the moments through which the organizational processes go. This is how it is done in a more tangible way, doing well what I work on a daily basis!


  • How has RCS influenced your family, personal and professional lifestyle?

In many ways it has influenced my lifestyle because Baxter has a very special culture focused on people, so it places immense value on the family and the family environment, on relationships as a couple, on relationships with children, so It has allowed me to structure an orderly, planning lifestyle, but it has also given me the possibility of impacting human beings, people, and it has done so by allowing me to lead teams, which is the greatest satisfaction I have been able to obtain in the course of my career. career at Baxter.

The organization has given me an important and positive life/work balance that I value very much, and has allowed me to be a facilitator, sponsor and guide many people in the organization that I have seen grow today with immense satisfaction.


  • What professional advice would you give someone starting their career?

That they always look ahead, that they understand that nothing they learn in life is going to be superfluous, that there are always opportunities to do everything that touches us better, that no matter how many falls we have along the way, we will always have the opportunity to start Again, it is not bad to make a mistake and it is a life lesson that I have recently learned due to the pandemic and some particular market situations in Ecuador. I think it is not bad to make a mistake because education is made up of that.

I also recommend that you listen to advices because "he who listens to advice becomes old" and you have to be passionate about what you do, working to achieve your dreams.


  • Taking into account the sociocultural context of your country (Ecuador), how would you describe the work of RCS in Ecuador?

As a human and differential work, I believe that this is a country in which great things can be done, in which we have a highly vulnerable population and with great difficulties in accessing solutions and positive health outcomes, for which I believe that Baxter plays a fundamental role in educating the scientific community, by providing added value to different clients such as Social Security, the Ministry of Health, working with the patient and his family.

The work of RCS in Ecuador is education, contribution and positively impacting the health system with all the possibilities to do so.


  • How do you project RCS in 10 years?

I project it transformed into a company whose development will have very positive impacts on the market for patient health outcomes, not only technological development but also the professional capacity of nurses, nephrologists, administrative staff and people marketing thinking about new things. All of the above will lead the company to be a manager of fundamental changes in the development of renal replacement therapies for the market in the different geographies. What we have learned in this time about Digital Transformation will allow us to go a step forward in the market to facilitate many things that the patient can access with ease and opportunity for treatments.

I project an RCS with a good market share, innovating and transforming the way we provide renal therapy to patients.


  • Do you have any motivational message you want to share with us?

Every day we are presented with challenges, challenges both in our personal and professional lives and the market becomes very competitive and the phrase I want to leave you with today is, we have the capabilities, training, knowledge and scientific development, we have grown in experience , we have developed our own service delivery models, so we have the perfect track to achieve great things.

So, I believe that we must take action in front of our collaborators, patients and clients, without neglecting our families, but continuing to work for a better future for all, there are always new and better ways to achieve it! Dreams are pursued individually, but also in a business way.