Katherine Salvatierra

Katherine Salvatierra

  • How did you come to Baxter RCS?

I arrived through a personnel selection company, I worked in another place where they mobilized everything from the Finance department and they transferred us to that company that helped us look for a job, after this departure and this restructuring, I came to RCS through my resume and my experience. I started in RCS in the Billing area.

  • How long have you been at RCS?

I entered on October 11, 2016, 5 years ago.

  • What is your role in RCS?

Currently, I am the administrator of the Cedros Renal Unit in Zone 1 and I am in charge of the Billing area throughout RCS Guatemala, both for Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis.

  • How is your day to day in the area?

Every day is a challenge, new things always come, we learn something new every day and I think that is what I like and I am passionate about being in this position, being aware of patients and their care. Also, be in contact with clients and be that link between one person and another to seek stability.

Every day is hectic, but it's a lot of learning.

  • What is the most important part of your job?

The most important part is that patients can have their therapies, from:

  • The administrative area: with the purchase of all the supplies and whatever is necessary for the patients to receive the therapy at 100%)
  • The Billing area, keeping all the accounts up to date, keeping up with the presentation of reports so as not to have inconveniences in the exit or the purchase order and thus we can give the therapy to each one of the patients.
  • What motivates you to stay at RCS?

RCS is a very good company and I really like being able to help people, I have always liked this part of my life. It motivates me a lot to know that we can support people who have chronic illnesses and that we can provide them with a quality service, as our mission "Save and Sustain Lives" says very well, it is a very important part that motivates me, being there day by day. .

  • What positions/positions have you held throughout your career at RCS?

I started as a Junior Billing Analyst 5 years ago, I spent more or less a year in that position and later I requested the administration of the Renal Unit and they promoted me there. Within that promotion, practically, I see it as if I had two promotions because first, they gave me the administration of the Renal Unit and second, because they gave me the confidence to create a billing department in which, currently, I have two people in charge of this matter. I went from being an Analyst to being in charge of an area and additionally to being the administrator of a Renal Unit.


  • In the performance of your work, how do you feel that you fulfill our mission of Saving and Sustaining Lives?

Make sure everything is up to date. Really having the commitment that so many inputs, such as being up to date with billing or integrity, I feel that it is also the engine that gives mobility to the company and it is a big commitment and it is something that I focus on every day, like having a balance in both positions and learning every day to do everything with more Simplicity as our cultural levers would say “make things simpler”.

  • What would you say to you 15 years ago?

I would tell him we made it! 15 years ago, I could say that since she was a child she thought about being a doctor, a teacher or being in an area where she could help many people and I think I did it. I am in an area that I like, where I can help, where I can support and where I can develop in what I like the most, which is to innovate, do new things, make things simple, I really like technology and now we are on a topic of Digital Transformation for our databases, we just started the project yesterday and I think we continue to learn, improve day by day and I think my self from 15 years ago should be proud.

  • What professional advice would you give someone starting their career?

I would tell them, keep striving, keep learning, you never stop learning. I have always said that in order for one to understand what one is doing, one must first do it for oneself and then be able to improve, it takes a little time, but it can be done, keep going, continue studying, having the commitment is very important. and the responsibility with what one wants and having a goal, a goal to reach, as long as it is with the best wishes, in the best way and in an ethical way it can be achieved.

  • What advice would you give your teams to approach 2021 in the best way?

Right now we have a very big challenge, we are devoting a lot of time to both administrative and billing work and, well, to continue as we are doing with commitment, with the love we have for work, in a selfless way, although we receive a bonus and a salary, I think everyone works selflessly, we all work very focused on cultural levers and tell them to keep doing the work with Simplicity, let's keep communicating and always having the goal of seeking success in our daily activities.

  • From the learnings of 2020, have you applied any action or do you have any objective related to it?

In my case, leveling my family, leveling home office time, leveling all activities because it has been a bit busy and going out, going with clients, we know that we work in a health area that is the most complex area , but with the precautionary measures that we are applying due to the issue of COVID-19, I think we continue to live with it. Taking care of our loved ones, I really think 2020 was a bit complex for me, well, almost all my family got COVID-19 then, having that care to be able to apply it not only now, but also later. I think the pandemic is here to stay and that is what I have learned the most, to support colleagues who always need my help, and when we are in the home office the same, to continue supporting those who are on the front line.

  • What has been your greatest learning throughout your professional career?

The greatest learning is knowing that I can achieve it, throw away all the fears that at some point one as a person may have and know that it is possible.

  • How do you project RCS in 10 years?

The ideal dream would be to have a renewal of the Renal Units and be able to serve more patients, to make this grow, which is our goal. Now, perhaps I was not very involved in the subject of peritoneal dialysis, a colleague was the one who actually did it, but knowing that we already have 8 small PD centers nationwide, which would be the best for RCS, which we know is a company with commitment and they have it at a high level here in Guatemala, the entities and the clients, I think that at some point we could achieve that part and be able to help more people.