Legal documents


Good Service

• Timely, quality care 

• Respectful treatment

• Confidentiality of medical records

• Correct function of healthcare services

• Privacy during treatment

Choose and decide

• Freedom of choice in your healthcare

• Freedom of choice of your treating nephrologist and other healthcare professionals

• Freedom of choice of the kidney unit that will handle your treatment 

• Freely decide on research participation 

Communicate and Know More

• Full clear communication with the nephrologist and staff caring for you

• Information about the costs associated to the services you receive 

• Information about how to submit feedback 

• Information about your state of health and treatment options 


Take Care and Contribute

• Learn about your disease and the treatments you receive

• Inform the staff about your state of health in a clear, complete and accurate way

• Take care of your health and follow medical recommendations 

• Take care of the facilities and use the resources in a rational manner 


• Follow the ordered treatment

• Be on time with the scheduled appointments and meetings

• Follow the rules and regulations of the Kidney Unit 

• Stay registered in the healthcare system and follow through with the payments

• Decide if you wish to participate in the asociación de usuarios [Colombian healthcare system payer group] 


• Treat the staff that cares for you and other patients with dignity and respect 

• Call the Dialysis Center in advance  if you cannot make it to your therapy session

• Be considerate with others through your behavior and personal care

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