Ingrid Oliveros

  • How did you come to Baxter RCS?

I started in 2004 when it was just Medicorp and Baxter was the economic partner on that date, then from 2004 to 2008 the change was made and we became Baxter's.


  • How long have you been at RCS?

Since 2008, then I go for 14 years.


  • What is your role in RCS?

I am the national nursing coordinator and I am in charge of the five renal units that are distributed in 5 departmental areas. My tasks are the reading of protocols and 100% implementation in all clinics so that the entire service is unified.


  • How is your day to day in the area?

When I was as a technician it was direct patient care, now as a coordinator I have an administrative schedule. Entrance at 5:00 a.m. I check machines, see if there are leaks and that everything is working. The staff comes in between 5:30 a.m. and 5:40 a.m. and I must supervise that no one is missing, and if someone is missing, I must see how the staff is coordinated to cover the patient's care.

Then, the staff meets in groups to give training on the protocols to follow through videos and presentations both in the morning and in the afternoon. The 6:00 a.m. connection is monitored. which are 3 groups and everyone is expected to comply with their equipment and biosafety rules against COVID-19. My day to day is supervision, training and implementation.


  • What is the most important part of your job?

Patient care, that he or she is well cared for and that it comes out better as it comes in.


  • What motivates you to stay at RCS?

That it is a transparent company, that gives us all work tools, that allows us to have growth within the company, and well, I have experienced it. It is full of people who are responsible and very aware of the needs of the staff. The above motivates me to stay here.


  • What positions/positions have you held throughout your career at RCS?

Initially I was as a technician, I am a professional nurse and a hemodialysis technician. Well, I started here as a technician because the role of professional nursing does not exist as such here. I spent 4 years taking care of the patient, then I arrived coordinating in Escuintla for three years and finally they offered me the national nursing coordination for having the diploma that accredits it, I have been in this position for 7 years now.


  • In the performance of your work, how do you feel that you fulfill our mission of Saving and Sustaining Lives?

Because we must verify that everything is done by and for the patient with 100% compliance with the protocols, always with the certainty that the patient is our main engine of Saving and Sustaining Lives. We try to ensure that the patient comes out 100% and that they are sure that we will be taking care of them here as they should be.


  • What would you say to you 15 years ago?

I told myself. Once I saw the renal unit, I thought: “I would like to coordinate and be the head of this clinic”, but everything went beyond my expectations, because now I am the national nursing coordinator and I already coordinate 5 clinics.


  • What professional advice would you give someone starting their career?

To this new professional, who sticks to the opportunity that this growing company gives us, who sticks to the rules, who is trained, who takes advantage of everything that RCS gives us both in implementations, such as theoretical growth, policies, training , learning in the management of Versia, which not all companies have. In addition, the knowledge of the new technology and provide the service to the patient with this type of advanced technology. That this staff sticks and learns a lot because here we have a lot of room to grow and it depends on ourselves that it be so.


  • What advice would you give your teams to approach 2021 in the best way?

With this issue of the pandemic there is a lot of insecurity and therefore the learning we have had that carelessness puts life at risk. Simply that we follow the rules, biosecurity at all times, be strict, not lower our guard, take as normal that this pandemic did not come to teach how vital family is and take care of ourselves, mainly our patients, because behind them there is a great family that is waiting for you. Simply accept the challenges and face them.


  • From the learnings of 2020, have you applied any action or do you have any objective related to it?

For this year we come with the theme of the implementation of recycling, I had the opportunity to receive training on a project and I implemented it. This project was about saline solution, which are recyclable plastic bags and with this we associated with Biotrash and saw the opportunity to recycle this bag. This bag can be converted into a shoe sole, which was achieved because Biotrash bought a machine where they melt the plastic and it becomes a shoe sole, then it is given to the shoemakers and they carry out the production of shoes for boys and girls. school and this is donated. The first donation was 250 children's shoes. With the pandemic, recycling continues and there is already a very good amount of recycling and shoes to donate, this will be donated to some school children in two departments. I continue to work with recycling and everything came out to protect the planet, the environment and went further as a social service called Línea Azul.


  • What has been your greatest learning throughout your professional career?

To mature, I have matured a lot, I have learned many administrative things that I did not have before, personnel management, all areas such as education and administration have trained me very well because they are practically like a school among all of them (administration, human resources and clinical) and I have learned about personnel management and it has helped me a lot in daily life.


  • How do you project RCS in 10 years?

As an optimal company because it is currently a very transparent company that gives all the resources, cares about the staff, about the company, because the environment is protected and about the patients. I see a lot of future for it because businesses go up and down, but RCS remains. RCS goes up!