Angel Andrade, RCS Pharmacy Coordinator in Quito.

  • Do you remember how your admission to Baxter RCS was carried out?

Yes, I really have a nice anecdote, very personal, because just on October 3, 2014 I was getting married to my wife, and Baxter RCS called me. It was an emotion shared with Baxter because I remember a special wedding date and my joining the organization. They gave me a very warm welcome and I felt very comfortable because of the spectacular human warmth.

  • How long have you been working in our company?

I have been seven years and two months

  • How do you think RCS stands to be the Best Place to Work?

Actually, RCS has always been the Best Place to Work, when we were in confinement, RCS was always there for us and for the patients without neglecting renal therapy, and we have to value that 100%, since, really, we are what makes Baxter RCS the Best Place to Work because the company is always there supporting us, giving us all the tools, but it depends a lot on us to make that tool work, it's like a reel, without the wheel it wouldn't turn and it wouldn't get moving.

The work environment at Baxter is very good and work is being done even more with the workshops that are held. I think they are a spectacular tool for the well-being of everyone, including patients.

  • Have you recommended or would you recommend RCS as a place to work?

Totally, I have recommended it, not only to people who work, but also to patients, since the treatment in therapy has never ceased to be spectacular and continues to meet all the quality standards of renal therapy, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

So, obviously I will recommend Baxter RCS as an excellent company, when we were in a pandemic Baxter never neglected its supplies for patient therapy, they were very responsible with that and for that we should be very grateful and at every opportunity I have I recommend it.

  • What is your role within Baxter RCS?

My role is very nice, it's something spectacular! I work in pharmacy and this is really the core of the acquisition of drug supplies for our patients, it is where everything that involves renal therapy is born and that I am also in contact with all areas of the organization, providers and patients. .

  • How has your relationship been with the different areas of RCS?

Very good, I have had a very nice welcome, with warmth, a lot of respect, a lot of culture like the one that characterizes Baxter and it has been the same in different cities such as Quito, Guayaquil and Ambato. We have always had mutual feedback, which makes it work with collaboration, that is, very good teamwork.

  • How has RCS influenced your family, personal and professional lifestyle?

Regarding the family, I had a life lesson when we were confined, since I had to come to Baxter daily, the company gave us all the security to come to our workplace and in the same way, with the same security, to Going home, Baxter was very concerned about this and thanks to that I didn't get infected, thanking God I still haven't been infected.

Personally, I give thanks for all the contribution that Baxter had with us, always supporting us in everything, with deep follow-up. The professional comes hand in hand with the personal, as a spectacular complement and that remains for me as a life experience for my children, instilling in them where I worked and feeling very proud, naming Baxter RCS, because when I say RCS, I name Life.

  • How has the Patient Experience been transformed in our care processes at RCS in Ecuador?

At RCS Quito I have had and still have very close contact with patients and we continue to work so that the patient feels very well cared for, and more than anything, very listened to.

I am more of the human part, I put myself in their place and I really want to feel something of what they feel and what they need, that is, to feel heard because all the professional attention is given to them, in supplies, medications , in professional care, however, they always need to make themselves felt and we are working hard in this regard through some nice and didactic workshops where patients are involved and I think it is a very good methodology, they received it with great pleasure and congratulated us It has been a very nice thing!

  • What would you say to you 15 years ago?

I would tell him to keep preparing, never stop, because preparation opens many doors and if I renege at some point, try to correct it, but basically it would be preparation, both professionally and personally.

  • What advice would you give your teams to approach 2022 in the best way?

Just as Baxter was there for us, so we must put our shoulders to the wheel and know how to value it, sow a culture of solidarity commitment, Baxter RCS was there and needs us at all times, so let's collaborate and be part of the mechanism that makes that wheel turn.

  • In the performance of your work, how do you feel that you fulfill our mission of Saving and Sustaining Lives?

As I mentioned, we had some problems in the pandemic to acquire supplies and it was something that we suffered with and we had to find the best way to achieve it, so, at RCS, we ourselves went to the suppliers, with the mechanisms that allowed us to transport ourselves and the The idea was to Save and Sustain Lives by complying with therapies, giving much more than I can, guaranteeing through all efforts the effective performance of renal therapy.

  • Thanks Message:

I thank you for taking me into account, it is a reason to move forward, I really feel very moved that you have taken me into account. How can I not be grateful to Baxter RCS and give my opinion?

“Working hard for something that doesn't interest us creates stress, so working hard for something we love is called passion, that's why we must love what we do and look for where and how we feel good, because what RCS needs are people who work with passion!”