Meet Larry Vasco, RCS Senior Director for Latin America

LARRY VASCO, RCS Senior Director for Latin America

What experiences prepared you to be RCS Senior Director for Latin America?

Knowing the business from the beginning of the process definitely helped me understand the key activities and how they need to be articulated in order to deliver an excellent quality service, having had the opportunity to grow in this organization and being able to learn from the experiences in my previous roles. , in Colombia and outside the country. They certainly prepared me for this moment.

How important are our partners to the success of Baxter RCS?

Our collaborators are the best and most valuable asset we have in order to continue being the best option for our stakeholders, without them we would not be the company we are, our people make the difference.

How do you help keep them focused on the mission of Baxter RCS?

I am passionate about what I do and I try to make each collaborator feel the same, I seek to enhance each of their strengths with a very human approach, respect and transparency are very important elements for our collaborators to continue helping us in this beautiful day that we write day after day.

How important is diversity, equity and inclusion in our renal clinic environment?

As a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of Latin America, I always seek that each one of the people who work not only in the clinics, but in the different areas, feel part of a team, feel that they can express themselves with total freedom and that the different personal, social and orientation conditions will not be any barrier for them to carry out their activities, much less for them to continue growing within the organization.

What is the most inspiring part of working at Baxter RCS?

Without hesitating twice, I tell you that seeing how our people work with that passion makes me feel very proud to belong to this great family, how we connect with patients is something that I cannot describe and that undoubtedly inspires me to continue. along this path of contributing to improving the conditions not only of our patients but also of our communities and society in general.