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 International dishes gathered in just one place, that you can implement into your diet in a practical and simple manner, taking into account your kidneys’ health.

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About our Recipe Book

Maintaining a healthy diet is important for everyone. However, when your kidneys are not working well, your nutrition becomes the key component in keeping you healthy.

In this recipe book, you will find options for traditional dishes that you never imagined could be a healthy, practical and delicious option for mealtime. The combination of flavors and aromas were carefully selected to please any palate at family reunions and even when spending time at home on the weekend.

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Remember that every time you make a change in your diet, you should consult an expert, since your weight, age and state of health are unique to your body, this is why you will need a specialized recommendation. Universal rules do not apply when it comes to diets.

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 Lemon chicken is a very easy recipe to make that allows you to innovate in the kitchen and surprise everyone with a delicious dish and very special touch of citrus. 

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Chicken Florentine

A classic recipe that will get you out of a bind when you are looking to offer a gourmet option to your family in a short amount of time. The versatility of chicken gives this plate a series of exquisite tastes and textures that will please your dinner guests’ palates.

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Cucumber and tomato salad au naturel

This is the perfect option for implementing a fresh, traditional and simple meal, with ingredients you already have, without having to leave the house. Prepare this exquisite salad during hot weather seasons.

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