Ana Sigüenza

  • How did you join Baxter RCS?

Well, I just graduated, that is, just graduated from the University, I worked for a few months in a Public Hospital, and then they told me that Baxter RCS needed a nurse.


  • How long have you been working at Baxter RCS?

It's been 16 years since I stayed with Baxter RCS.


  • Have you recommended or would you recommend someone to work at RCS?

Yes, especially in my position, when I carry out or participate in any selection or recruitment of a new collaborator, I am very excited that someone can become part of this great family of Baxter RCS.


  • What is your role within Baxter RCS?

Currently, I hold the position of Nursing Leader, as I said before I have been 16 years, where in 4 years I worked as a ward nurse and then they gave me the opportunity to promote myself to the position of Nursing Leader and in my profile or in my position, it is Coordinate the Nursing Team.


  • How has your relationship been with the different areas of RCS?

It has been very good and enriching, I consider that they are support areas since they give us the tools to be able to do our work, strengthening ourselves in the cultural levers of Simplicity, and above all Collaboration. I have had the best experience with all areas of Baxter RCS support.


  • How do you think RCS stands to be the Best Place to Work?

I believe that Baxter RCS meets this goal that we have, since it gives many professionals and many people the opportunity to be part of this Best Place to Work, and of course, each one of us is part of making this Best Place to Work. To work. So I think yes, Baxter RCS gives us the opportunities and I feel very good in this Best Place to Work.


  • In the performance of your work, how do you feel that you fulfill our mission of Saving and Sustaining Lives?

In the position of the medical area, as a nurse, we are at the forefront of fulfilling this noble mission of Saving and Sustaining Lives. Being able to serve our patients, being able to provide them with care based on the highest quality standards and above all the component of warmth, that human component that all of us who work at Baxter RCS must take into account to fulfill this noble mission.

  • Has Baxter RCS influenced your family, personal and professional lifestyle?

Yes, totally. In my lifestyle and family, we are always very grateful for the opportunity that Baxter RCS has given me to be able to be a collaborator and to be able to contribute to my family with sustenance. On a professional level, it has allowed me to make my career from my Nursing profession. And on a personal level, being able to fulfill my dreams and my projects through all the opportunities that Baxter RCS has given me.


  • Taking into account the sociocultural context, how would you describe the work of RCS in Ecuador?

Despite our country being very small, it is very multicultural and Baxter RCS is always promoting respect and contributions from all, so there is always an openness to demonstrate Inclusion, we are always aware of respecting cultural differences and including more people than can contribute to this cultural richness at Baxter RCS in Ecuador.


  • What has been the most satisfying part of your journey at RCS?

There have been many moments! But in itself, it is to have allowed me to fulfill my vocation through service to patients, to give the best of myself to be able to provide patients with care with which they feel satisfied and thus fulfill my vocation of service.


  • Do you have any motivational message you want to share with us?

Yes, I really do come home, and despite the fact that sometimes I arrive tired, I am satisfied with having fulfilled my duty, of being able to do my job very well and of always seeking to give that plus to what we do, that added value to score. that difference at Baxter RCS and contribute to our noble mission.